At the start of 2012, having worked in the studio of REL Records Ltd. (one of the good guys) for over 2 years as well as restoring and mastering old vinyl for River Records Ltd. (another class act) for over 3 years, professional musician/engineer Jamie Crerar decided it was time take a stab at being the bossman himself. By the end of a gruelling first year, Red Sky Records had signed a partnership with one of the largest aggregators in the world and had gone live with its first batch of releases.

Specialising in nothing but originality, it is not odd to find odd releases on Red Sky. From ‘Have Yourself a Heavy Metal Christmas’ to Big Ned’s spoken word Beatles album, ‘Fool on the Street’ to ‘The Complete Acoustic Tribute to Adele’, you never know what you might find in our ever-growing catalogue.

Today, Jamie enjoys the good life, basking in the Caribbean sun, sipping mojitos, surrounded by the beautiful local woman, who treat him as somewhat of a foreign, exotic God, whilst collecting millions in royalties every month.

..Just kidding, he’s working his ass off to prevent Red Sky from failing instantly and have everyone laugh at him.


Mari, my wonderful, supportive girlfriend who has put up with all the late nights, early mornings and stressful deadlines and whom I truely could not have done this without. My Mum, obviously, she's awesome. Jimmy at River Records for all the advice, teaching and help that has allowed me to work in the music industry for the last 4 years. Neil at REL Records for giving me the chance to work in the studio for such a lovely company for the last 3 years and all I have learnt from doing so. Sharon, Quentin and Alex at INgrooves Fontana for taking a chance on me, Jane, Bel and Charlie at REL, Gordon and Stuart at The Music Kitchen, Mike Paterson, Jim Strange, Jenny Clifford, Tom Merritt, Ryan Mallows, Phil Collier and all my friends for putting up with all the moaning about how swamped with work I was/am.