Enamel Animal are a carbon-based, eight-legged band, with four heads and at least one brain which is capable of memorising muscle movement. They can all breathe fairly well and thanks to this coincidence they decided to form a music group. Two of the band members live together but are not in a civil partnership. Like most other people they eat food and drink water. They live in Liverpool and thank Horus every day for this by slaughtering sacrificial lambs at sunset. The lambs are then stuck in a curry and consumed the following day.

Red Sky Records are excited to be working with this hard hitting, ass kicking ensemble, releasing their debut self-titled EP. With members Ryan Mallows, Matthew Nedeljkovic, Glen Ashworth and Phillip Collier at the helm, this EP demonstrates the lads raw talent for melody, arrangments and general filth.


Enamel Animal EP