Mike Paterson is a musician from Edinburgh, Scotland and has been working successfully in the music scene since February 2004.

It all started in a small bar named the Saltire on Rose Street in Edinburgh where Mike was asked to fill in for another musician to perform a 3 hour set of cover songs.  With previous knowledge of gigging through and original band he was in he decided to give it a shot. The first couple of gigs were ropey but the managers could see potential in him and offered more gigs in more appealing time slots. After this first lot of gigs he pursued more work in other bars always taking requests every night to expand his repertoire. Like everything gigs came and went and bar owners changed along with the decisions to have music in their bars. 8 Years on he is gigging up to 5 nights a week as a solo artist and as part of several duo's with Mr. Connor Sanderson, Miss Clare Martin and Mr. David Ramsay. Mike is also involved in a cover band called The Black Ties where he is the Bass Player and Lead Singer. 

Mike has performed at the world famous Edinburgh Festival for the last 8 years and has even supported acts such as El Presidente, Eddie Reader and Super Furry Animals.

Growing up Mikes parents music was a massive influence on him. Hearing everything from Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy to The Eagles, Bryan Adams and U2 from his dad to The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and Texas from his mum Mike was immersed in all colours and genres of music from the get go. 

Mike has been a prolific writer from a young age and his music has taken on a modern rock sound with hints of country and pop. Aiming to write radio friendly Rock/Pop songs Mike is always striving to tell stories or get people dancing with his brand of music.




Singing with Songstar on 'We Will Rock You'

Singing with Songstar on 'With or Without U2'