• Ghostraq, Soweto Melodic Voices and Loops!

    Ghostraq, Soweto Melodic Voices and Loops!

    SO ITS BEEN a while since the last piece of news here. Why? Because we've been busy bringing you awesome music, that's why! We're a record label not a vanity blogger! Anyway....

    Firstly, I'm very pleased to announce that Soweto Melodic Voices' debut album 'Harambee' is finally mixed and mastered and will be hitting the stores on the 4th August 2014. I'm so excited for you all to hear this wonderful choir do their thang and couldn't be prouder of our role as a company in their journey.

    In other exciting news, RSR is proud to announce our newest artist that we are distributing. 'Ghostraq' is the brainchild of talented electronic arteest and percussionist extrodinaire Martyna Szmigiero and features the very best in ambient and atmospheric electronica. Her debut EP will be available everywhere on Red Sky Records in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout!

    Finally, RSR is releasing a series of ultra high quality guitar-based loop albums. Kicking off with Volume 1 - 'Funk Guitar Loops', the series aims to bring royalty free studio quality guitar loops to the masses. Each album contains 100 tracks of loops in all keys, so make sure you check it out if you're ever feeling a bit funky.

    That's it for now, internet!



    YES IT'S FINALLY happened, Red Sky Records is now on Twitter. Make sure you follow us, retweet or whatever the devil you kids are doing these days on the interweb. We have some big news coming (hence the new Twitter account) so keep checking back to find out what it's all about. I hope until then you can contain your excitement, I know it can be tough, but hang in there.




    FIRSTLY, I MUST apologise for how long this has taken me to write up. Attempting to condense all that made this trip as wonderful as it was is quite a daunting task, but here goes...

    The project began when the Just Festival and the Edinburgh University Chaplaincy helped bring the Soweto Melodic Voices over to Edinburgh to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013. The choir were a huge hit, selling out night after night and enjoying unanimous praise from the press. The demand for a CD by attendees was huge, but the choir had never made one. 

    Over the months following their Edinburgh performances, an idea began to take shape between the Edinburgh University Chaplain, Harriet Harris; John Grieve and Daniel Hunter (both of which worked with the choir for their festival performances). The idea was to not only travel to Soweto and record an album with the choir, but to buy and donate all the recording equipment to do so, as well as creating a syllabus to teach a crash course in sound engineering. No mean feat.

    I joined the project in late January 2014. I was approached by John, who knew about my sound engineering background and about Red Sky Records, to help deliver the project. Maybe I'm just a cynic, but for a long time I was pretty sceptical about it actually going ahead and reserved excitement, but hit the ground running nonetheless. I later found out that everyone involved was sceptical that this would actually happen, pretty much right up to sitting on the plane! Despite that, after 2 months of long days working out curriculums, buying equipment, liaising and meetings, John, Daniel and I were puffing up our inflatable pillows and en route to South Africa.

    Arriving late at night after a 15 hour journey, we had time for about 3 hours sleep before crawling out of bed and driving to the SABC television centre in Johannesburg. We were to do a LIVE TV interview on South Africa’s most popular breakfast news show, SABC News, which we only found out about just before leaving for SA. Suffice to say I was more than a little nervous as we weren’t given any questions beforehand and my sleep deprived brain was working at half capacity at best, but nonetheless we got through it ok and it was great publicity for the choir and project. You can view the full interview here.

    The schedule was to hold 2 hour classes Monday to Friday, with recording sessions afterwards... It was to be an intense week for all involved! Our biggest challenge when writing the curriculum was how to condense a degree's worth of material into 5 days, without any prior knowledge and without bombarding participants with unnecessary information. To do this, we structured the lessons into bite-sized chunks for each stage in the process, so we had microphones, setting up and getting the most out of artists on the Monday, multi-track recording on the Tuesday, mixing levels and EQ on Wednesday, further mixing and final mastering on Thursday and setting up a record label and the music industry on the Friday! This course was not for the faint hearted but what became immediately clear was just how hard working and committed the members of the choir and the other participants were, and they tackled the challenge head on.

    As for recording, I really was stunned by just how together the choir were. After setting up, we fired though 6 songs back to back, with practically each take being a keeper. My initial concerns for our tight recording schedule dissipated and I was left to enjoy the music.

    The 3 of us stayed in a beautiful guest house roughly 20 minute’s drive from our recording location in Soweto. We were very well looked after by 3 choir members; Sparks, Sizwe and Chippa and the 6 of us had the whole guest house to ourselves for the majority of our stay. We had such a blast living together and the 3 of us became very close friends with our new housemates.

    Despite such a hectic work schedule, we did fit in some 'off' time, whereby we visited Nelson Mandela's house, saw a Kaizer Chiefs match at the FNB stadium and had many a night in playing Fifa and drinking beer with the guys.

    Aside from the graduation ceremony, I think my fondest memory of the trip was on the Friday, the last day of lessons. After the lesson on record labels, I announced that I would like to sign SMV to Red Sky Records. I was so touched when the room erupted in cheers and applause, signing them seemed to mean just as much to the choir as it did to me and I even got a couple of hugs! It really was a big moment for me and this record company and I can't wait to see where we can go together.

    I've tried to keep this as brief as possible, there isn't enough room on this site to faithfully document all that this project was and even trying to convey the experience in words alone is futile. A huge thank you to Harriet Harris and all those at the chaplaincy, Edinburgh University, Neria Madikane, Daniel Hunter, Sizwe, Sparks, Chippa, Salva, Chris Hutchings and of course all the choir members and sound engineering participants. Of course, a special thanks goes to John Grieve who brought me in on this project, without whom I would have none of these amazing memories. You all made this the success it was and all I can say is how honoured I feel to be a part of this unique and special project and how I can't wait to see you all again!







    IN 12 HOURS time, myself and 2 others will be flying out to Soweto, South Africa to embark on the most exciting project that I and Red Sky Records has been a part of so far.

    Over the next week, we will be recording the 'Soweto Melodic Voices' choir's very first album, which will be released globally on Red Sky Records in due course. Soweto Melodic Voices are a youth choir from South Africa who, since forming in 2005, have gone from strength to strength, culminating in a stunning residency at St. Johns Church in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival in 2013.

    In addition to recording the choir, I and my two colleagues, John Grieve and Daniel Hunter, will be teaching 50 students sound engineering and music production over the course of 5 days. Through the generosity of the Edinburgh University Chaplaincy, we will also be donating over £1300 worth of recording equipment to the choir to enable them and the locals to facilitate future independent recordings from such an exciting musical area.

    It has been a huge undertaking to get to this point. Everyone involved has worked tirelessly to make all of this happen and I couldn't feel more privileged to be a part of such a special project and to be working with such a talented and dedicated team.

    I will provide regular updates on the project here and on Red Sky Records' Facebook page so keep checking back for more information!




    AFTER A VERY extensive 2 day meeting (and bar tab - see pic), I'm thrilled to report that RSR will be working closely with world renowned producer, Mike Bennett for the foreseeable future. Based in London and Los Angeles, Mike has worked with the likes of The Fall, The Stranglers, Ian Brown, The Specials to name a few. Watch this space! - J



    BEEN BUSY UPGRADING the in-house mixing studio here at Red Sky Records. Take a look at the gallery to see all the shiny new gear!

    New gear includes:

    • 2012 Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster
    • Mackie Control Universal Pro
    • Novation Launchpad S
    • 6x 3ft Bass Traps
    • Improved room acoustic treatment.

    Head on over to the 'Contact' page if you are interested in booking the studio for your next mixing or mastering project!


    OUT NOW IS THE debut EP from Liverpool-based rock band Enamel Animal. Combining soaring melodies with brutal guitar riffs this band is a cut above their competition. Click the link below to experience their devastatingly good band today!

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    We are very pleased to announce that 'The Complete Acoustic Tribute to Adele' is OUT NOW on Red Sky Records. Jenny Clifford has done a wonderful job at rearranging and performing 16 classic Adele songs for the classical guitar, all of which are available NOW on all online retailers and streaming services. Click the link below and pick up your copy of this unique and beautiful album.

    The Complete Acoustic Tribute to Adele - Jenny Clifford

  • Enamel Animal Imminent

    Enamel Animal Imminent

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